Personal Photos Personal Photos Danny with mother Jean 2224675 Danny as a toddler 5463386 Danny and Neal Danny Lockin and Neal Reynolds -The Two Checkers 5463387 The Two Checkers publicity photo 5463388 rear to front; Dennis, Jennie, Danny, Donnie and others from Mrs Lockin's dance studio courtesy of Dennis Herre 204561218 The Four Bits 1957 L-R Dennis Herre, Danny on a step to better expose his face, Donnie Meyer, and Jennie Franco seated. courtesy of Dennis Herre 204561217 Danny with parents and Neal 114270540 High School photo 114270514 High School Yearbook photo for musical "Oklahoma" 124590174 High School Drama Club..Danny is back row, 5th from the right....Steve Martin is also back row, 4th from the left! 124590176 High School Choir...Danny 3rd from the left, second row 124590177 A Cappella Choir Danny in second row...5th from Left 124590173 High School Musical Danny in front, with arms outstretched and belly heavily padded! 124590175 display for Danny's play Tom Sawyer" in St Louis 141211156 great form! young Danny--courtesy of the Rhea family 141469188 Danny dancing school photo 2224674 amazing straddle split leap 114270150 Publicity photo from the program when Hello Dolly was playing at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, April 25-June 10, 1967 with Ginger Rogers. 105617264 Danny at 25 2224672 danny as barnaby 60301335 Danny as Barnaby 2224676 danny at 27 head shot at time of hello dolly 60299692 Jeremy's Birth Announcement 5877617 Danny on guitar an accomplished musician as well as dancer and singer 114270486 Dannys gravestone Beloved son-also father,nephew, cousin and friend 2224673 Danny's grave 2011 with flowers, note and tiny caboose...many thanks to Mari Buckner! 124590172